About Techfreak's Journey

About Techfreak's Journey

In the most cliched way, I am Mayank Gupta, the author of this blog. This is all about my professional journey and my ‘techfreak-ness’ (my passion for technology up close) in tech-world, and hence my stage name (or I should say my name in the world of computer science) techfreakworm. Most of my digital footprint (almost all) is in the name @techfreakworm, don’t believe me? Just Google: techfreakworm.

About me?

I’ll tell you more about me apart from what’s stated in my resume. I like reading and exploring new horizons of human thinking. Reading books from different genres enables me to explore more about the potential of human brains and bodies and thus potential of humans as a whole and thus opens new paths for my thoughts to wander. I’ve read books on philosophy, money, business, management, leadership, stock markets, psychology, neuroscience, war strategy and several self help books. Apart from reading my favorite hobby is to learn new things due to which I have long list of hobbies including skateboarding, swimming, roller skating, bboying, playing basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis and many more.

Why I write this blog and why you should write a blog too

There are several things that are interesting to you and you gained valuable experience from those events in your life but are not much of an achievement in others’ eyes that you could write that in any professional document, well you can blog about it. It helps others to see how you approach the obstacles in life and what’s your attitude to life as a whole, you never know who you might inspire in the long run.

If you want to know more about my professional background and skills, check out my resume.