Offer to work as Associate Engineer at Cyber Group

Where it started?

I got the information from training and placements cell in my college that there would be a campus drive for recruitment in Cyber Group on 2nd of December, 2017. I saw their salary package and decided not to go for interview, since I already had one offer (with almost similar salary structure) at hand from ACEZD.
Many of my friends went for interview and few of them even got selected, they told me that the company’s really good and is nearby my available options of residences. I thought maybe I should give it a try but I couldn’t because I didn’t go that day.
Then I got another notification from T&P cell that Cyber Group has few more vacancies, so students who didn’t go last time for the interview can go this time. I was excited but also worried, since interview was on 21st of December, 2017 and my semester exams got over on 18th of December, 2017. Moreover, I had a knee injury while Skateboarding. So, I didn’t have enough time to prepare but still I thought of trying my best.
I knew that first would be a Group Discussion for screening, then 2 technical interviews followed by one HR interview. I knew I’m not good at GD as it’s been a long time I participated in one so I searched internet for some tips to ace a GD, the points that caught my eye were “Be the first to start” and “Don’t let yourself fall behind, others can become daunting and not let you speak.” so I went ahead with that, actually, with JUST THAT.

The Interview

I thought only the students from my college were invited but there were students from other colleges too. There were about 19 students in total and for screening Cyber Group uses Group Discussion as a method, well not a great idea for me. Why? Because the last time I participated in Group Discussion was in 10th Standard so I didn’t expect to ace it. Still I gave my best and didn’t get selected.
The GD host (Cyber Group emlployee) gave all of us a feedback to improve on ourselves and said, “You all have pretty good conversation skills, so that’s not a problem BUT you need to improve on your resumes”. As much as I was excited to get a feedback (because I like improving myself) I was disappointed with a positive one, since my resume is fairly good (at least better than those who joined the group discussion) and in an interview you don’t have to be the best, you just need to be a little better than other candidates.

The Failure

So I went back to my hostel and started planning holidays and what I’d do once I leave for home the next day BUT in the evening I got a call from T&P cell stating, “Though you failed in GD today but Cyber Group still wants to give you one more chance”. Though I was happy, it made absolutely no sense to me because they said imrove your resumes. Few minutes later I got a call from one of my friend who got selected at Cyber Group and he said, “They called my and asked if you could recommend one person, whom would you choose”, “Mayank Gupta”, he said. Now it made sense to me as to why they wanted to give me a second chance. Well the good thing was there was no GD this time.

The Interview 2

I reached Cyber Group early, after waiting for sometime they arranged for Technical Interview directly. I gave my best, there were questions about my past projects, object oriented programming, HTML, and SQL. I answered most of them correctly except those about SQL, I answered them crudely, since I take the help of Internet while writing database queries for my projects so I didn’t have much ‘offline’ experience that time. The interview wrapped up and I was told to wait at the reception
Few minutes later I was called out for another interview. At first I thought maybe because of my friend’s recommendation I would be having only one technical round, so I thought it was a HR interview, since the first question was, “Tell me something about yourself”, I didn’t want to get much technical (since it was HR interview for me) so I wrapped up with “maybe that’s just it, or should I go on?”. “Go on”, he said. Then I knew it was a technical interview going on. I answered all the questions except few of which were asked from networking protocols. It went well and I was again asked to wait at the reception.
I was called out for HR interview, first statement that interviewer said was, “To be honest, the last interviewer was really happy with your answers”, that boosted my confidence a bit but I managed to not it let it slide in the Over-Confidence zone. I was asked about my offers at hand and the reasons to not to join ACEZD. I told them few and they too agreed with the reasons being genuine. I was informed that there’d be one more interview with HR head (since she was not in the office that day) on phone on 26th of December, 2017. I agreed and went back to hostel.

The Interview 3

Fast forwarding to 26th December, 2017. I was at home and got a call from Cyber Group stating about the timings of the interview. I made myself free for that time and the interview went well. I emailed to ACEZD that I won’t be joining them and apologized for the same. And forwarded that email to Cyber Group as a confirmation of not having offers at hand.

The Offer

The next day I got the offer letter through e-mail and a call from the company to congratulate me for the same. Joining date is on 2nd of January, 2018. Let’s see how the days of future will unfold.

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