Being a speaker at Kshitij's Open Source Summit (IIT KGP)

Why it mattered?

It was an honor to be invited by IIT Kharagpur to be a speaker at their Open Source summit which was organised by Kshitij (Asia’s largest techno-management fest). To receive this token of honor I travelled from Delhi to Kharagpur which can be a real pain even via air because the Airport is approximately 150 KMs away from Kolkata Airport. But, the will to give a talk and share my love for open source kept me from giving in to the misery. I arrived at IIT KGP on 20th Jan’18

What happened first?

IIT is huge, that’s what I’ve heard. But to finally see it was just another thing. People cannot walk from one department to another because probably the buildings would be seperated by distances greater than 3 KMs. Everyone was on bicycles but I was on foot. But still was received by the organisers of Open Source summit at IIT KGP and was led to my room which was arranged for accomodation. Seeing the people in person whom I have talked only on emails and little on phone was really pleasing.

The other day? The big day.

It was my first conference talk ever, and I was excited since it was at IIT. And when it alone wasn’t enough, it was at the Open Source summit organised by Kshitij (India’s largest techno management fest, I guess I mentioned that before, right? Anyways, one more reason to not to forget it).

The talk

Though it wouldn’t have been obvious looking at my face but I was a little nervous. There were speakers from all around India and I was really pleased to meet them and listen to their talks, the information they had to give, the insight they had to share and the experiences they had to elucidate. My topic was “Autotools”, some might be familiar with it some might be an absolute bomb in this technology. But I am no expert in this. But even the documentation of it can be really sophisticated to understand, and in Open source world, Autotools are used widely to automate the generation of Makefile(s) to ease the process of compilation. Here’s the video of the talk:

Afterparty? (Or AfterSummit)

I was thinking of leaving to airport as soon as the summit got over but the organisers urged to stay for an hour or two to have dinner and have converstations. I thought, “Well, why not? how often is it I would have a chance to have intelligent conversations”. So, I stayed for a while, had a lots of fun. Conversing about wide varities of genre of human thought, from technology to philosophy, from arts to psychology. It was truly amazing, I was at my bliss point.

What now?

I’ll continue as a contributer to Open Source and will try to mentor again in KWOC 2018, so to be a speakre again. And add to that experience stack.

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