Invitation to give a talk at IIT Kharagpur

Sharing my love for Open Source

I recently posted about being a mentor in KWOC (Kharagpur Winter of Code) and today I got this email.

I felt more honored than delighted. Being from a small and not so famous college, and former aspirant of being an IITian, being invited by one to speak at their Open Source summit was really a big thing for me. It took me time but I decided a topic which would help every Open Source enthusiast to learn in the talk.


autoconf,automake and libtool are collectively called as Autotool. Mostly big Open Source softwares use ‘Autotool’ as their build system, since it makes it easy to deploy packages across different Linux distributions without much effort.


Organisers of the Open Source Summit asked me to submit an abstract for the talk, and I submitted this:
Autotools are used widely in Open Source projects as big as LibreOffice. They are the closest rival to CMake when it comes to automating the Makefile generation process for a project no matter how big or small. Talk would include key differences between CMake and Autotools (since these two are widely used) and why Autotools is still prevalent even though using Autotools as Windows native is a real pain. Every Open source contributor needs to have some knowledge of Autotools, since they are the preferred GNU way to make tarballs and packages like .deb, rpm. arch packages, etc. Talk would proceed with live demonstration on how to get started with autotools, how to write scripts with real code files to compile, etc. If time allows I would also talk about making shared and static libraries using libtool (contained in Autotools) and using them while compiling the project.

I have planned to do a lot, teach a lot. But let’s see what happens and how much time I’d get for the talk.
The talk is on 21st of January, expecting great experiences along the journey.

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